Lemon Face Wash

Lemon Face Wash

Lemon Face Wash


Marks 30 Lemon Face Wash with Herbal formulation that gently cleanses your face and removes excess oil. Blended with lemon, an astringent and cooling agent which has natural, deep cleansing properties, that leaves your skin clean without feeling dry and stretched.


MARK-30 LEMON FACEWASH is a gentle yet effective everyday facewash enriched with the brightening properties of Lemon and Vitamin C to reduce dullness, spots and to reveal a radiant complexion

How to Use:

Wet your hands, face and neck with lukewarm water; avoid hot water, which can dry your skin too much. Lather up your fingertips by rubbing them together gently. Gently massage with circular motions onto the face and neck. Do this for about 20-30 seconds. Rinse face and neck well with cold water.


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